Recruiting Developers on Github, Made Easy!

We have abstracted all the complexity behind GitHub and built an easy to use UI (smart filters i.e., Javascript, React, Angular, Vue, location, etc.), backed with an efficient algorithm to enable fast and effective recruitment on Github.

Recruit High-Quality Software Developers and Programmers.

Searching for top programmers and software developers can be quite a chore. We have simplified sourcing and recruiting for developers on Github. With just a few clicks you can view a list of developers from Github that meet your defined search parameters (i.e., Javascript, React, Angular, country, etc.). Then you can extract their emails with additional information into an Excel table. Our algorithms ensure that all the returned results have valid emails and that you are provided with the talents that match your defined parameters the best.

Enhance your recruitment sourcing strategy.

Smart filters

With, you won’t need to research or master any particular syntax. Instead, you can use our filters, which are based on popular frameworks, programming languages, and location, and we will take care of getting you the github users you seek along with their valid emails.

Effective search

We run many simultaneous queries on Github, aggregate the result then our algorithms take care of filtering out the profiles that do not match what you are looking for and get only the latest and best developers on Github!

Enriched profile

will enrich every contact with a direct LinkedIn Url, a valid email address, and any other available public information. You can always export the result to an EXCEL or JSON format

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  • 1,000 profiles extract per month using smart filters.
  • Extract from 25 repository per month.
  • Excel and JSON format support.
  • Chrome extension included.
Cancel at any time.